한국·일본·중국 그리고 아세안 대학 간 교류프로그램 CAMPUS Asia 한일중 확장사업


The CAMPUS Asia is a cross-border student mobility program among Korea, Japan, and China, initiated by the agreement of the Summit Meeting of Korea, Japan and China in 2010. The program aims to strengthen networks among academic institutions of higher education in Asia and promotes student exchanges through joint and double degree programs and exchange programs.

※ CAMPUS Asia : Collective Action for Mobility Program of University Students in Asia


  1. 2017
    1. 2017.11The 6th Meeting of China-Japan-Korea Committee for Promoting Exchange and Cooperation among University
  2. 2016
    1. 2016.12CAMPUS Asia launching ceremony and the 1st Trilateral Rectors’ Forum
    2. 2016.10Launching of the CAMPUS Asia full-fledged program (17 consortia)
    3. 2016.01The 1st Korea-Japan-China Education Minister Meeting agreed to expand the pilot program to the full-fledged program
  3. 2012~2015
    1. 2012~2015Implementation of Korea-Japan-China CAMPUS Asia pilot project (10 consortia)
  4. 2010
    1. 2010.05Adoption of CAMPUS Asia pilot project as a new cooperative project at the 3rd Korea-Japan-China Summit in Korea

Features of the CAMPUS Asia

  • Build double degree programs and a wide range of student exchange programs among Korea, Japan and China
  • Develop tailored curriculum aiming to foster talents and to deepen mutual understanding among the three countries
  • Improve the quality of the program through QA monitoring
  • Discuss to expand CAMPUS Asia to build a Pan-Asia exchange program, moving beyond the three countries.